11 Tricks to Win SCR888 Slot Machine

918Kiss / SCR888 Slot Tricks


Playing online gambling games for a long period time and not winning anything can be quite frustrating. If you never had a substantial winning with online slot gambling at SCR888 / 918kiss or any other online casino, that does not mean that you don’t have the luck that you need; it essentially means that you are not following the right strategies or are simply not paying attention to the rules. Here are 11 slot machine tricks that can help you secure a substantial win. Pay close attention.


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1. Choose the right casino: The right casino is a professional casino that is reliable with clear standards. These casinos comply with international gambling laws and therefore offer services that support customer care.


2. Learn about the casino perks and use them wisely: These include the sign-up bonus and promotional bonuses that are paid out when a player hits a certain amount.


3. Chose the games that have the biggest payout: Not all the slot machine games carry the same payout. So, when getting started, make sure that you choose the games with the highest payout.


4. Choose the games that have the highest probability of paying out: This is totally different from having a big payout. Games that offer big payouts usually don’t have the highest frequency of payouts. To check this, check for the payout to house edge percentage and loss to win ratio (how many players have lost and how many have won in the past).


5. Set a limit for yourself: Always have a budget before start playing at any of the slot machines in an online casino. In addition, set a budget for both low and high bets. You have to be smart about betting and therefore decide on which bets you want to spend the most. This decision will likely be influenced by your experience with different slots. Slot games that have the highest frequency and the highest payout will deserve the highest bets.


6. Start with common slot games that have simple rules and then work your way to the bigger games: The big payouts associated with bigger games may look promising, but they often offer a less frequent payout that may not suit your gaming goals at all. If you are in it to win it, then start with the basic games and with lower limits.


7. Watch the professionals: This is especially important when you are starting out for the first time and have very little knowledge of casino games. Watching others do it will help you understand the rules and the tactics used so you can employ them to win for yourself.


8. Invest in more than one slot game: Every slot game in an online casino, such as 918Kiss or SCR888, the payouts and limits are different. In addition, with different slot games,  you can have different luck. So try as many different games as possible.


9. Always play the random jackpots as they pay out the most: Generally, you will have two choices: progressive and random jackpots. Progressive jackpots have a fixed value that keeps increasing with every loss. Although it may seem promising, progressive jackpots rarely pay out.


10. Always check the pay charts before playing: It will help you understand the pattern of winning and losses.


11. Practice until you refine your strategy: It is true that luck is important in slot machine games but you have to remember that strategy is just as crucial. Successful players have ample practice to predict which slots will pay out more frequently.



Final thoughts


Gambling can be fun and a thrill but only if you know how to bet. Otherwise, you will just lose a lot of money and become frustrated in the process. Play smart and earn big with time-tested slot machine strategies mentioned above. 




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